Happy Holidays!!!

As a really basic thank you for those who have kept us all in their thoughts this holiday season (which doesn't even come close to repaying your kindness and goodwill, but it's a start, however meager), here are some holiday pictures of the Sherman family. The images below average around 220-240kb in size, so I apologize if this takes a while to load. Clicking on any individual picture will bring up an even larger version, if you're so inclined.


The family all together in front of the tree.
Mom, Dad, and Jester the Red-Eyed Reindeer

Another family shot, complicated by the fact that one of the cats walked by.
Jester wasn't all that enthused about wearing Mom's tiara.
Someone temporarily lost the holiday spirit.
Everyone smile for the cam... there's that cat again.
Dad, I'm a dog - not a reindeer. Quit with the antlers already.



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