Below you will find some pictures of Jester after he came home from having his eye removed. Clicking on any of the images below will bring up a larger version. Be warned - some of these images aren't very pretty. As a side note, not more than 30 minutes after these pictures were taken (a grand total of maybe 2 hours after we got him home), he somehow managed to pull the drain tube out. After a frantic call to the emergency clinic (and the fact that he's still draining fine and dandy without the tube), we're hoping to avoid further problems long enough to get him back to the vet first thing in the morning.


After consulting with the vet and some nervous discussions, it was decided that Jester would be fine as long as no obvious signs of swelling or pain were observed by us. Well, he's better than ever and every day since the surgery is bringing him closer and closer to the way he was before his eye started going funky. He's even started playing with the girls again, and there's a bounce in his step (literally) that we haven't seen in quite a while. The surgery was definitely worth it, if only for the return of the "old" Jester.


Front View of Jester's Face  Full-On Picture of the Removed Eye Sitting on Mom's LapRelaxing With Mom

UPDATE 10 JANUARY 2007 : Jester and Shayla got into a bit of an argument this afternoon, and the resulting increase in Jester's blood pressure caused bloody fluid to squirt from the hole where his drain tube used to be. After calming everyone down and placing a(nother) frantic call to the vet, we were relieved to find out that he considered the whole squirting cheek episode to be a good thing - turns out there was some fluid building up and all the excitement managed to drive the stuff out relatively painlessly. Which in turn saved the vet from having to do it himself, with a large needle, most likely *not* painlessly, when Jester goes in for his checkup and suture removal this Friday. Go figure. As it is, the vet gave us directions on how to "milk" poor Jester's cheek for the next day or so to keep the fluid from building up again. Fun stuff. Oh, and some more pictures of the better, more active Jester :



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