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UPDATE 27 January : We've added a page describing why we support  IMOM, which gives a little history of Jester's eye problems, some images to the gallery, a short (5mb in size) video of Jester and Terra playing tug-of-war, added a page on rating the quality of dog food, and updated some links throughout the site.

UPDATE 14 January : Jester's story made the local paper! While a few minor details were wrong (Roxanna instead of Roxanne, primarily), it's a good article. Check it out HERE.

 UPDATE : We've added a simple guestbook. Nothing fancy, but it's a start. To view the guestbook, or to post to it, click HERE.

This page is dedicated to saying "thank you" to all the people who made it possible for our little man (that's him above, there) to have his surgery. Our entire family is extremely grateful for your generous help.

To Margaret Blake and Daphne Love, the first to offer up items for auction. You started this, and without your gesture, nothing would have happened after this.

To Julie Barth, who learned about the auction and offered the dog ball and a donation. Thank you for joining the effort.

To the "Save the Tiara" Gang:

Sandi, mom to Kenyon and Cinnamon
Penny, mom to Jake, Timmy, Lady, and Jasper
Suzy, and her seeing eye dog Beatrix (who gave so graciously in spite of their own monstrous medical bills)
Darbi, mom to Rocky and Sarge
Kathy, Gizmo's mom
Victoria (We are so sorry for your loss of Griffen, sweety, our hearts go out to you)
Gladys, Sissy's mom
Bobbie, Angels mom
Jennifer, Mom to Max
Kathy, mom to Angus MacFurgus
Dixie, Poni's mom
Jazmine, Gibbon's mom
Joni, mom to Willie
Kim, mom to Beaglesorth
Fiorella, Buffy's mom
Jerry, Willie's dad
and last but not least, Susan who is mom to Rosie and Tess.

Santa Paws was also listed on our card and we would like to thank him, along with anyone else who declined to add their names to the list of wonderful people who reached out to our little guy to help him get his surgery.

To the people who contacted us directly to send donations:

Leroy Hatsis, airport dog, and his family
Wendy Barkett, and family
Sue Bixler and the Poop Family
Cayenne and Keeley and Family
Melanie Taylor, mom to Inky Dinky Doodle

Our most sincere apologies if I missed anyone. I tried to keep all the cards and letters in one place so I could do this correctly after things settled down here, but in all the confusion of the holidays, I fear I may have lost a card or two and would never want to forget to say thank you.


Below you will find various pages of Jester (and the rest of us). Click on a picture to go to that page.


General Pictures

Jester at Christmas

Christmas at the Sherman's

Jester After Eye Surgery *GRAPHIC*

After the Surgery - WARNING! Not for the easily squeamish!



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